Few Tips to Maintain Your Car This Summer.

Few Tips to Maintain Your Car This Summer

Few Tips to Maintain Your Car This Summer

March 10, 2022

Few Tips to Maintain Your Car This Summer

As a car owner, you will be required to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle for the entire year. For convenience, you may keep in touch with a professional auto mechanic near you who can come in handy for minor issues and repairs. You must also keep in mind that car maintenance will not be the same in every season because every season comes with distinct weather conditions. Read this blog to its end to know the expert tips to maintain your car this summer.

First Tip to Maintain Your Car This Summer:
Check the Cooling System

If you want to get consistent performance from your car, the first and foremost tips to maintain your car this summer is checking the cooling system, it will be essential to keep it cool during hot days. Every vehicle has a coolant system installed, keeping the whole interior cool and preventing the engine from overheating. So, when the summer comes, checking whether the cooling system is functioning or not is a must-do.

  • First, check the coolant fluid level. Fill it up to the point you think is essential.
  • Next, you have to check the hoses and the coolant reservoir to see any leaks at the connection points between the hose connection and the engine block.
  • It will be an effective option to squeeze the coolant hoses gently. In an ideal situation, the hoses will feel firm. But, if they feel squishy or soft, you must get them replaced.

Second Tip To Maintain Your Car This Summer: Check the Car AC System

During the peak of the hot season, air conditioning gives comfort to the driver and passengers and supplies cool air to the car cabin. Because it is not used in the winter months, leaks may naturally develop, allowing the coolant to escape. When it happens, your car’s AC will stop working.
When it comes to car AC repair, you must take the vehicle to a professional car service provider. A specialist mechanic will incorporate their knowledge in the repair work, thus ensuring the desired outcome.
You may get your car’s AC checked at least once in 4 weeks to keep it running in the best conditions.

Third Tip: Clean the Air Filters

During the winter and autumn months, dust and debris enter the air filters, resulting in blockages. Decomposing organic matter and leaves cause blockages in the air filters and on the washer nozzles. Here is how you can check and clean your car’s air filters.

  • In the first step, you have to remove any debris visible. It will help you access the air filters.
  • If the filter is blocked, it will be necessary to remove it and clean it with compressed air. For cleaning, water must be avoided because it causes debris to get stuck to the filter.
  • If your car has cabin filters, you must clean them, too. You will be happy to hear that it is not very difficult to remove and clean these filters.
  • If you do not know how to clean air filters, consider hiring an expert car mechanic.

Fourth Tip: Check the Car’s Engine Belts

Changes in atmospheric conditions result in micro-cracks and tears on a car’s engine belt, also known as a serpentine belt. As this belt connects the car’s alternator, fan, and other critical driving components, a failed engine belt makes these components malfunction. Usually, the life of an engine belt is between 60000 and 100000 miles.
Follow the steps below to avoid this particular problem.

  • Inspect the belt to check for small tears, cracks, or missing parts.
  • Even if there is a tiny crack, you must not waste a minute and contact a car repair service. Replacing the belt is relatively easy for any professional mechanic, and they can do it in a quick time.

Fifth Tip: Adjust Tyre Pressure

Alternating expansion and contraction occur in the air inside a car tyre throughout the year. While you will be required to put more air into the tyres during the winter months, the opposite happens during the summer. When you adjust the tyre pressure, you allow yourself more safety while driving. Generally, in the summer months, you have to reduce the pressure.

The best option is to go to a service provider and use any automated air refill unit. However, before adjusting, you must go through the car manual to check what pressure level is required for your car tyres in a specific weather condition. Only, you will need to tap this number on the digital display, and the rest will be taken care of by the machine.

However, while doing it manually at your home, you have to use a foot pump with a pressure gauge installed in it. Make sure you do not overfill your tyres.

Auto Repair Shop Is Here to Help

Now that you got the expert tips to maintain your car this summer, for comprehensive repair service, you must take your vehicle to a reputed auto care shop in Perth. Auto Repair Shop is one of them that offers a full range of auto repairs. For any help, you may contact them.