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Brake, Clutch, and Transmission Repair


Brake, Clutch, and Transmission Repair

The car’s transmission system is responsible for gear changes and properly running on the road. It also aids in the smooth gear changes – so taking the utmost care is necessary to avoid accidents when you are unable to do anything. Likewise, a faulty clutch is also dangerous for the car’s roadworthiness. You can predict problems in the clutch when it starts to stick when applied, or you feel resistance when trying to press or disengage the pedals. Another indication of clutch fail is slipping out of gear without warning. If you see any of these happening or can smell any rotten odour or detect smoke from the transmission, you must call our transmission repair specialist.

We also provide comprehensive services for automatic transmission. It is more complex – due to its increased number of components and the combination of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical technology it contains. We provide excellent care, observation, and handling to these sophisticated instruments in our well-equipped and functional workshop during our extensive automatic transmission service. Our technicians can also solve brake problems.

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Our Services Includes

Automatic or manual – transmission systems contain multiple sophisticated components linked intricately with one another. Problems while handling one component can damage the whole thing. So, it is best to call upon our teams of the most proficient and trained technicians at our car repair shops. We provide the following services for our clients during our inspection and subsequent all-encompassing transmission and clutch servicing: 

  • Testing and fixing the hydraulic system – including the transmission fluid, clutch bands, oil pumps, valve body, and other components.
  • Evaluating and substituting the directing solenoids.
  • Conserving and enhancing the computer settings to allow the car to perform without a hitch.
  • Examining the seal and gasket to prevent the several fluids from dripping out.
  • Analysing, restoring, and shifting the Governor, modulator, or throttle cable to observe speed and throttle point.

Our all-inclusive car brakes service has the following facets:

  • Front and Rear brake Realignment.
  • Repairing the discs and drums or performing a total car brake replacement.
  • Servicing and overhauling the callipers.
  • Changing the brake fluid, wire, and shoes.


What Makes Us Best Brake, Clutch And Transmission Specialists In Perth?

Brakes are the emergency components of a car – used when you need to stop it at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a disc brake or a drum brake, both need optimum care and maintenance to function properly. Often you can feel the car stopping a little late after the brake is applied or fluid leaks from the clutch and transmission assembly. Irrespective of the problem, we find out the underlying cause and take the necessary action to prevent it. Our proficient technicians can perform the hardest clutch repair within the shortest time and make your car respond like a brand new one.

We also provide the best quality replacements for your car’s brakes – which includes the ones recommended by the manufacturer, so that your warranty remains viable. Our mechanics can work with the most complex braking systems and perform the hardest auto brake repair with ease. We have all the needed instruments and state-of-the-art gadgets to undertake any repair job for your car’s braking system.

So, if you are looking for the most proficient technicians for transmission, brake, and clutch repair – give us a call ASAP.

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