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Logbook Service


Logbook Service

Many car owners wrongly believe that they have to take their car to the manufacturer for detailed logbook servicing. At Auto Repair Shop, we have been providing this service over these years. Our expert technicians always prioritize the quality to ensure no car part gets damaged during servicing. The quality that we deliver in our services will ensure that your car maintains perfect condition throughout the entire year.

We only focus on doing it properly according to the instructions and guidelines mentioned in the car service logbook when it comes to logbook servicing. Our experienced and qualified car technicians are equipped with exceptional innovation skills to deliver certifiable and speedy service to your vehicle.

Currently, we are one of the best car repairing and servicing shops in Australia that ensures fast repair for your car while not compromising on quality. Our team has the experience of working on a large variety of car makes and models, which has made them proficient in handling any car problems with sheer perfection.

Logbook Services in Perth

Our Logbook Service Includes

Regardless of the service you need from us, our car technicians will ensure that you become satisfied when you walk out of our shop. The services they provide will ensure a longer lifespan of your car and increase its value.

Usually, logbook servicing is required after the first six months or 1000 km. Services provided for our customers include: 

  • Changing of motor oil and oil channel
  • Brake appraisal and adjusting
  • Tire pressure change
  • Inspecting suspension
  • Testing the PC battery
  • Checking fan belts
  • Checking radiator hoses
  • Checking the markers and lights

In addition to these services, our car mechanic will also provide any service specifically recommended by the car manufacturer.

The best thing is that these repairs are performed by mechanics who clearly understand working with the specification your car has. As a leading car service provider, we believe that customers should invest in the logbook service cost wisely.

Make Your Car Feel Like A Brand New One With Our Logbook Services

Our customers are most important to us. That is why when you choose us, you will receive one of the best logbook services in Perth. Here we discuss the reasons that have made us the most trusted service provider.
Genuine and honest approach 
Regardless of your car brand, our car mechanics will treat your car as their own.

Trained experts
Our industry-trained professionals will carry out car logbook servicing.

Reasonable fee 
You will receive car logbook servicing at the most reasonable price with no hidden costs involved.
Genuine spare parts 
Our experts also use new and top-quality vehicle parts for replacement. Also, they use specific parts according to the car make and model.

Use of the most advanced technology
Our trained professionals are well equipped to use the most advanced equipment to deliver a safe and certifiable car service.

Complete diagnosis
Before carrying out the replacement, our experts will first run a complete diagnosis to check all possible issues. Once the diagnosis is complete, they will tell you what is required and only start working after you approve. The next time you need car logbook servicing in Perth, call or email us. Our mechanics would be right there to assist you!

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